Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

Percussion Lessons

Last Sunday after church, Jonah got his first impromptu lesson on the drums. Craig was so kind to make my boy smile by spending that time with him. He loves Craig. He loves drums. It was perfect!

I captured this short 16 second video then turned the camera off when I noticed how obnoxious my laugh was. But, in my defense, you need to know the story. The first Sunday I was home with Micah, I asked Jonah how church was. His response, "I didn't like it very much!" What??? As I pressed him a little, this is the response I got, "It was too loud and we had to stand up too much. AND, I didn't know any of the songs!" Umm, how old are you? 96??? So, it has been kind of a running joke with us and Reggie. Our 4 year old is apparently already in a rut at church! So, when he was playing the drums last week, you can hear Reggie say "That's too loud!" HA! Then, you get to hear my awful laugh! But, the little boy in the video outweighs my laugh so you get to see it! :-)

My sweet boy!

***EDIT*** Thanks to you who so kindly pointed out to me that I said Jonah rather than Micah in the post below. OOOOPS!!! Trust me, I do it ALL the time when talking to them so this surely won't be the last time you see it here! Hee hee!

Last Wednesday, as I was strolling Jonah to the car after church, I looked down and he was just giggling. I'm not sure if it was because he loves church, loves being outside, loved the moon or was just happy to see his mommy (I choose that one)! Whatever the reason, I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of my sweet boy!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just another day in paradise

Last Saturday night, we gave Micah a bath and GiGi came to the nursery with me to get him dressed. I certainly had to take a picture of him in his cute frog bath wrap that the Dungey's sent him. You can't see it, but it has his name on the back of it and I LOVE it!

I had to giggle when I turned around and saw GiGi sitting in the recliner with our other baby. He was so happy to get a little attention while she was here.
Isn't this baby boy just precious? He is such a happy little fella and I'm so blessed to be his mommy. I was so afraid he was gonna be "that" baby that everyone talks about. You know, the one that makes people say "If I had this one first, there never would have been a second!" But, I was wrong! He is so stinking sweet and such a cuddler! Am I in love? YEP!!!

It's not all smiles and giggles!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Last Saturday

Way back WHENsday

From April, 2009
This one always makes me laugh!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Micah's 2 month well visit

A couple of weeks ago, Micah went for his 2 month well visit. Dan was going to go with us but text me at the time he was to be home to say staff meeting was running late and he would have to meet us there. I was worried he would not make it in time. I DID NOT want to do shots on my own. But, he got there just a few minutes before they called us to the back.

Doesn't Micah look oh so cute in his stripes? My sweet friend Amanda knows exactly how to shop for my kids. This outfit was a home run. I want it to stay cold much longer so he can get lots of use out of it.

We took him to his exam room, stripped him down and headed to the scales. My little porker weighed in at 13: 2.5 Yep! He's a big boy! Jonah weighed 12: 4 at his 2 month appointment.

His head circumference was in the 64th percentile. If you remember, Jonah's was always off the charts. The last measurement we have of his head is 154th percentile. Yeah, he has a really big head! It looks like Micah won't share that with him. He measured 22.75 inches long.

He was incredibly happy and had NO idea what was ahead for him. That always makes me feel guilty. I hate knowing he is about to have shots when he is grinning all the while at me.
We saw a different doctor this time and I really like him. I'm trying to cycle through all the doctors in the clinic just to get a feel for each of them and see who we connect best with. So far, I've been happy with the three we have seen but I really liked this one the most. He was very personable with Micah and seemed to really enjoy his job.

I did something with Micah that I NEVER did with Jonah. I took a pair of pajamas for him to wear home. I knew he would be feeling bad and I didn't want him all constrained by the clothes he was wearing. So, I took pajamas. Dan was amazed. I never let Jonah leave home in pajamas much less change into them in public. Oh, I've come so far with child number two! The next thing you know, I might even buy light up shoes! (Not really...I'm SOOO not there yet!)

And, the picture that always breaks my heart. Ugh! I hate this part but know it is best for him!

And, as usual, it only takes a moment to calm completely down once mommy has him! I loved on him for a few minutes then handed him off to daddy for more love!

Monday, January 24, 2011


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