Tuesday, December 6, 2011

South Carolina Trip- Part One

I don't remember the last time we spent a holiday away from home.  I think it was one Thanksgiving before Jonah was born...maybe?  It is always just us for holidays.  But, sometime back in the summer, we decided to do something different for Thanksgiving this year.  Dan requested to be off the Sunday after and all we needed to do was make plans.  Not long after that, we got an email from one of his aunts inviting us to a family gathering in Tennessee.  All of his family and extended family were going to gather there at Fall Creek Falls to celebrate Thanksgiving together.  We were super excited until we looked at Mapquest to discover it was almost 700 miles for us.  We quickly discovered that was not a doable trip for us.  

We were sad to miss being with all of our family.  But, the next day, Dan's sister in law called to say they couldn't go either because Doug had to work the day after Thanksgiving.  They invited us to come there instead.  I called Dan and within minutes, we had a Thanksgiving plan.  Sometime in the next month or so, it was worked out that Dan's mom was going to fly here to spend some time with us for a few days then ride with us to Doug and Allison's house in South Carolina.  She flew in the Friday before  Thanksgiving and stayed with us until we left on Tuesday.  I wish I had fun pictures to show you of our visit but I have none.  Our life was quite crazy while she was here and I guess the camera never came out.  She was a huge help to our family over those days but a camera really wouldn't document that anyway.  

We checked Jonah out of school a couple of hours early that Tuesday then hopped in the car and headed north.  Our first stop was to drop Max at the home of some friends.  He was super happy to be in the car and thought he was going on our journey with us. 

The boys traveled better than expected.  Micah had a hard time giving in to a nap.  And, Jonah had a hard time being quiet while Micah finally napped.  The traveling wasn't half as bad as I expected though.  

The plan was to spend the day before Thanksgiving outside enjoying the beautiful weather on a mountain in North Carolina.  But, that had to be altered a bit when Micah got sick.  So, he and I stayed home with Allison while everyone else loaded up for a fun time outside.  Dan took my camera and got a few pictures for me.  

They had a fabulous time.  Dan and Jonah are still talking about it.  So much so that we are considering a family vacation to cabin near there sometime next year.  I hate I missed the fun in the great outdoors.

They got back just in time for Audrey's 3rd birthday party.  We were glad to be there for her actual birthday and to be able to celebrate with her.  

The next picture makes me smile.  It looks like Micah is telling Jonah a secret and laughing about it.  Oh,  how that little boy adores his big brother.  

Uncle Doug is used to all girls in his house so when Micah got near him while he was holding an Alice in Wonderland costume, well, you know what happened!

It didn't last long on my rough and tumble little boy but a certain little three year old totally rocked the Alice look.  GiGi scored major points by showing up with the Disney dress up clothes.  All three girls LOVED it!

Since there were people everywhere, sleeping arrangements were a little creative.  But, as you will see, when kids are tired, they can sleep ANYWHERE!

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