Thursday, December 1, 2011

SBCS Auction

As Jonah gets older, we tend to live the "divide and conquer" lifestyle.  This has been even more true since soccer season began.  I never imagined the day that I would miss Jonah's events but since Micah's birth, that happens more and more.  Since soccer is an outside event, the weather kept Micah away from a couple of games therefore I missed them too.

One of those days was also the day of the annual Stetson Baptist Christian School auction.  Our entire family arrived at the early bird breakfast around 7 a.m.  Then, Jonah and Dan left for a soccer game.  Micah and I stayed at the auction while they were gone.  He spent the day charming people.  I had to be careful because he kept holding my number up in the air.  That isn't a good thing when you are at an auction.

After Jonah finished his game, he and Dan came back for a while before having to leave for a birthday party.  So, that day ended up being a daddy/Jonah day and Mommy/Micah day.  I'm actually glad Dan got to spend some time with Jonah because they have really been missing each other lately with Dan's crazy schedule.  While I do miss out on some of the things with Jonah, I adore the time with Micah.  I love life with two little boys...even when we are separated!

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