Thursday, December 8, 2011

More soccer

Now that the soccer season is over, I'll attempt to finish up the soccer posts.  This particular day was picture day.  We got there early to get pictures done.  That was a quite a bit of chaos that made us about 30 minutes late for our game.  We had to wait behind other teams who weren't all there and certainly not prepared.  Jonah passed the time by reading books and playing with his friends.  Micah passed the time by being entertained by Lila.  

After finishing the pictures. we headed out to the field for our game.  I can't remember if we won or lost that day but I do remember it being a little chilly.  My job was to keep Micah warm and entertained while Dan coached and Jonah played.  

This game was back in October so seeing this picture of Micah with a bottle makes me wonder if this is one of the last pictures I have of him drinking a bottle?!?  Those are certainly long gone around here.  

Look at his little legs crossed at the ankle.  Love it!

When we got home, I wanted a cute picture of him all decked out in his coat.  He was more interested in trying to escape the picture.  

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