Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jonah's Kindergarten Feast

The week before Thanksgiving (Yes, I'm that behind!) found us at Jonah's school for the annual Thanksgiving Feast.  They encouraged us to invite grandparents to be there but since ours live so far away, we had a couple of stand-in grandmothers...Susan and Margie.  
One of the things I love about his teacher is how she recognizes not everyone can have their grandparents so she calls all of the guests "your special people!"  I love that.  I doesn't isolate those who don't have grandparents present.  Jonah's part in the play was "Pilgrim Minister!"  His teacher told me he asked to be the minister because his daddy is one.  Love it!

That is Jonah with his teacher, Mrs. Myers.  He loves her.  We do too!  I gave her a purse like I have as part of her Christmas gift.  Later on the day of his party, he said "Mrs. Myers opened that gift I gave her and I saw that purse and said "My mommy has that!" and I was glad you have the same purse because you are my favorite two ladies!"  Sweet, huh?

After the performance, we all enjoyed a catered lunch of turkey, dressing and veggies.  It was fun to be there with my little guy and some of his "special people!"  And, thanks to the kindness of Ms. Denise, (Jonah's teacher from last year) we got to enjoy the event without a 12 month baby boy!  

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