Thursday, December 15, 2011

His daddy

I just posted this as my Facebook status but I'm putting it here too because this blog is much more a permanent memory than Facebook.  And, I definitely don't want to ever forget this.

Dan had to leave Jonah's party early in order to be with a family who is about to lose a loved one. After he left, someone asked Jonah where his dad went. He said "My dad went to help a family. He does that a lot. He is a really good dad and a really good person!" Brought to tears to my eyes to know that Jonah realizes the significance of what his daddy does for him and for other people. Dan Glenn, I heart you!

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4 J's said...

That is precious. So many times I think that my girls don't understand why Daddy has to be away at times. But from reading this I can see that kids get it. Thanks for sharing.


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