Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Science Night at school

Back in October, the PTA at Jonah's school sponsored Science Night.  There were fifteen or so exhibits set up throughout the cafeteria and kids (with their parents) could rotate through as many of them as they wanted.  Jonah was very excited about going but a little issue when we arrived almost kept us from going inside.  As we were pulling into the school, Dan was telling me about an appointment that he had right before coming home.  I was intently listening to him as I got out of the car and shut me door.  I didn't realize Jonah's hand was at my door.  As I got to the back of the van to get the stroller, he started SCREAMING!  (Delayed reaction due to the pain!!!)  I looked around and saw him white as a ghost with his hand in the door!  I panicked and screamed too.  I ran over (fighting back the tears) and jerked my door open.  The first thing I noticed was blood.  (which later turned out to be ketchup because he didn't wash his hands before we left!!!)  Dan scooped him up and tried to asses the situation.

He told me to go find ice so I took off running FULL SPEED across the campus and into the cafeteria.  I got a bag of ice (while fighting back the tears because I just knew his hand was crushed!!)  I got back to them and Jonah was still in so much pain.  Dan had already determined the door had only gotten the end of his middle finger.  The lip of the door covered the rest of his hand so it looked MUCH worse than it was.  After lots of TLC on the bench out front, Jonah determined he still wanted to go inside for a while.  

I'm glad he made that decision because he really enjoyed it.  He loved all of the hands on experiments and seeing his friends from school outside of the classroom.  We took Micah but quickly realized we would leave him behind next time.  This wasn't the place for a little one.  I ended up sitting near the wall with him and let Dan do the science stuff with Jonah.  

On our way back to the car, we stopped for a few pictures of my boys in their coordinating shirts.  Someone asked me if I noticed the monster of Jonah's shirt exactly matched Micah's shirt.  Obviously, this was a person that doesn't know me well.  HA!  Yes, I purposely bought them for that reason.  

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Penny said...

So glad his hand wasn't hurt worse. I know that made you sick. Poor buddy~ those things happen all the time~ still hurts. Where'd you get Jonah's monster shirt? I'd love to get one like it for Leon. :)


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