Monday, November 28, 2011

Jonah's First Field Trip

On Halloween Day, Jonah's school took their first field trip of the year.  Dan had planned to be off to go with him since siblings could not go.  So, I stayed home with Micah and sent them on their way.  IN. THE. POURING. DOWN. RAIN!!  Leading up to this day, I was sad to be missing his first field trip but when we saw the weather that morning, my sadness turned to gladness.  I was very happy that daddy-o got to be part of that madness.  

My little Kindergarten boy was THRILLED to be riding a school bus for the very first time.  Dan got on the bus long enough to snap some pictures since he was told parents would need to follow behind.  But, once he was on the bus, Jonah's teacher told him there was room on the bus and they needed some parents to ride.  So, he did.  

They went to the Pioneer Art Settlement.  We have since come to understand that Jonah will hate this place in just a few years because apparently they go there EVERY SINGLE YEAR!  Oh well, he loved it this time so we will just have to see how long that lasts.  

I'd love to provide you with captions but since Dan went rather than me, I have nothing to offer...well, except pictures of a sweet kindergarten boy!!

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