Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Micah!

Dear Micah,

A year ago tonight, I went to bed as the mom of one sweet little boy.  I closed my eyes wondering how on earth I would love two kids?  Especially two boys?  I mean, boys would be the same, right?  At least if I was having a girl, there would be something different to love.  I prayed that God would teach me to love you.  And, while we are on the subject, you made me sick for 9 whole months!!  Every day of my pregnancy was a struggle.  I battled sickness day in and day out.  So, by the time it came time for you to be born, I was worried about loving two kids and my only knowledge of you was how sick you made me.  (hang on, sweet boy, this letter does get better!)
We got to the hospital early in the morning on November 9, 2010.  I was excited.  I felt sick that morning but fought the urge.  I wanted this day to be perfect!  We took pictures, got settled into the bed and then the wait began.  You, just like your big brother made quick progress.  You entered our world at 1:06 p.m. on that day.  You immediately reminded us of your big brother.  You looked so much like him.  After they cleaned you up, you were VERY purple.  I thought something was wrong.  Apparently, you just got very bruised on your journey out!  I snapped a picture on my phone to send to the family in MS but quickly photoshopped it so you wouldn't look so purple.  I didn't want to scare the grandparents who were 12 hours away!

Your big brother came later that night to meet you.  He was totally smitten with you.  He sang "Jesus Loves Me" any time you got upset.  He touched your toes, your hair and your nose.  He loved you instantly.  He was not impressed with your first poopy diaper.  But, he was all about helping change your clothes.  He could not get enough of you.  Later that night, after everyone left, I just unwrapped you and stared at you.  I could hardly believe you were here.  And, I could hardly believe you were ours!

When we were surprised with your arrival back in March of last year, I started polling every friend I had on how to love two kids.  I even asked my closest friends questions like "OK, tell me the truth.  This is me.  Really, which one is your MOST favorite?"  They all tried to convince me that I would love you too.  And, the moment I held you, I did!  I could not believe how just how much.  I immediately knew that I'd die for you.  I knew I could never choose between you and your brother.  I couldn't get enough of holding you or looking at you or staring at you.

We brought you home and quickly settled into life as a family of four.  You fit so perfectly into our family.  We were all head over heels in love with you but I was simply in awe of you.  You were both perfect and precious!  When your big brother was born, I was careful not to spoil him.  I read all of the books and followed them perfectly.  If it said not to do something until 4 months old, I not only waited until 4 months, I waited until the time he was born on his 4 month birthday.  I was not the same with you.  I did what felt right and natural.  I didn't read much at all.  I held you when I wanted.  Sometimes I went back in to pick you up even though you were sleeping soundly.  I broke all the rules with you and I  loved every minute of it.  

You have been an absolute joy!  Staying home with you the past year has been a dream come true for me.  I got to be the one to see and experience all of your firsts.  I got to snuggle with you and spend the days telling you how much I love you and how special you are.  I think you hear "Micah, you are the sweetest thing EVER!" hundreds of times each day.  I hope you grow up believing that.  You are sweet and you are special!

Micah, I am so blessed to be your mommy.  You are the sweetest, happiest baby I have ever laid eyes on.  People ask me all the time how one baby can be so happy all the time.  I'm really not sure but I'm certainly not complaining.  You sleep 12-15 hours per night.  You eat like a champ.  You smile at anyone that looks at you.  You rarely cry.  (We sometimes go weeks without hearing you cry.)  You love people.  You bring joy to our family.  You are special.  You are ours!

I pray that God will make you into a mighty man who bears and proclaims the name of Jesus in word, action and deed.  May your life be one that brings glory to our great God.  


How is it possible that of all the boys in the whole entire world, we got the best ones?


Anonymous said...

So precious...I love you Micah - Happy Birthday sweet boy!
Your ZooZoo

Aja said...

Nina and I were just talking yesterday about how we hope Miller and Micah always remain close. Those two boys together will be a sight to be seen. Happy Birthday, sweet "Baby Mich-y!" We love you

The West Family


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