Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Red Ribbon Week

In case you haven't driven by any schools this week, then you may not know this is "Red Ribbon Week."  This is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country. Jonah's school sent home a schedule of certain things they were to wear each day in honor of this campaign.  We try to always participate in these things so naturally, since today was "Wear something red" day, we did!

As I was helping him get dressed this morning, I said "Do you know why you are wearing red?"  He told me he didn't know so I talked to him about what the week means.  After I said the word "drugs" a couple of times, Jonah looked at me very serious and said "I DO NOT know what drugs is!"  I tried to explain it to him the best I could.  I said "Drugs are something you take that makes your mind work differently.  It makes you do silly things and say things that you might not otherwise say.  It makes you feel goofy!"  He looked at me and said "I definitely want to have some of those.  Yep, I want to do drugs!"


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