Saturday, October 22, 2011

Open House

Several weeks ago, (okay, over a month ago...I'm really behind!!!) Jonah's school had open house.  We all loaded up with an excited 5 year old who was so ready to show his family more about his world.  We started in his classroom and then made our way around his school.  He was happy to point out every thing he made and show us all of the centers.  

We left his class room and went to see some of the "special area" rooms.  We started in art then drama and ended with music.  We made a stop by the media center on the way out.  

Micah enjoyed the music area.  Had we not had anywhere else to be, he could have stayed there ALL NIGHT.  

We are now over 1/4 of the way through Jonah's Kindergarten year and we are so pleased.  We love his school and his teacher.  We love the new relationships.  We love all he is learning.  It has been good.

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