Monday, October 24, 2011

Last Wednesday Night

We haven't seen much of Dan the last couple of months.  Jonah sees Dan on the 1.5 mile ride to school every morning but many days, Micah doesn't even lay eyes on him.  So, I took them to church early Wednesday night so they could visit with him in his office for a few minutes.  Since they were wearing their cute matching shirts, I attempted to get a cute picture of them together.  My sweet 11 month old (ahem...WILD CHILD!!!) was much more interested in anything BUT a picture.  
 I sent the next picture to some people in an email and said "This picture is a PERFECT depiction of the personalities of my two sweet boys.  One is mild, calm and mellow.  The other is roaring!"  Seriously, Micah was ROARING!

 Look at the sweet interaction between these two.  If ever anyone loved his big brother, it is that Micah.  And, the feeling is totally mutual!!

I can't remember what happened but as I turned to snap Jonah's picture, this is what I go.  He has a zero tolerance for pain.  We get the same reaction from him regardless of the instance.  Any pain from falling down to slamming his hand in the door to stubbing his toe gets a full on cry.  We are working on this but it is a struggle for sure.  Micah, on the other hand, busted his head on the tub last night and cried for 7 seconds.  Blood was everywhere.  He hardly cried.  Thus, his nickname...BRUISER!!!

We got to dinner at "the church restaurant" and found our friends, Holder and Miller.  We have ended up sitting with them most Wednesday nights for the "help" factor.  Dan rarely eats with us and Dave is out of town alot.  So, we tag team the kiddos.  Aja and I both just jump in and do what the other family needs.  It sure makes dinner time less stressful and actually lets us eat.  And, those kids sure love each other.  

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Aja said...

Micah may have gotten the actual roaring from Miller. You know you don't make it far in this house without knowing how to do a good roar!


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