Monday, October 24, 2011

Jonah's toys and special guests

When Jonah is at school, Micah does his best to touch every single toy that Jonah has left out.  He crawls as fast as he can from toy to toy.  It is so cute to see.  

On this particular day, he played and played with Jonah's toys until he heard the doorbell.  Then he rushed to the door and stared at the people he had never seen.  Those people were holding a brand new Cracker Barrel rocker just like Jonah's.  But, this one had a bow on it and was just for him.  It was his very first birthday gift and it arrived all the way from Mississippi.  

Our dear friends, The Johnson's came all the way from Liberty, MS to visit us.  They were Dan's adopted family at his very first church and have stuck with us through every move.  They love our kiddos like their own grandkids and this trip (14 hour drive) was just to see us and to meet Micah.  They arrived on Friday afternoon and stayed through Monday.  And, since they missed Jonah's birthday in July, he got a gift too.  A SCOOTER!  

Mr. T gave him some instructions on riding and even got on and rode himself.  Is he a great grandfather or what?  Jonah actually thinks he is his grandfather because of all the time he has spent with them over the years.  

After some fun outside, we loaded up the van and headed over to Port Orange for a yummy dinner on the river.  As usual, they totally spoiled us on their trip.  From sweet gifts to our kiddos to yummy meals out and wonderful home cooked meals, we felt so loved.  Not to mention the laundry and ironing Ms. Judy did!!  Because they were here, I was able to spend all day at the Beth Moore Simulcast that Saturday.  I was unable to go because Dan had to be there all day.  But, they offered to keep the kids so I could go.  

We sure are blessed for having people like this in our lives.  One of the most beautiful things about church work is the relationship factor.  You meet people and love people that your path would have never otherwise crossed.  These are some of those sweet people!

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