Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

 Before putting the boy's official costumes on, I attempted to get a good picture of them wearing their spider shirts.  My mom sent these to us via my aunt who actually made them.  Neither child was overly cooperative when it came time for pictures.  The best picture I got didn't even show the spiders on the shirts which totally defeated the whole purpose of this pre-costume photo shoot.  

If you know me well, then you know I always put great effort and planning into Jonah's costumes.  I knew the day would come that he would want an "off the rack" costume from Target or WalMart.  I hoped to push that off until many years down the road.  I was still going for cutesy.  Well, that year came sooner than I planned for.  He spotted an Obi Wan Kenobi costume at Target about a month ago and started jumping up and down.  I couldn't say no!

That left me with a dilemma.  I really wanted the boys to match this year but I didn't want Micah to wear a Star Wars costume.  I found so many cute costumes for him but kept coming back to wanting them to match.  So, I caved and ordered him a Yoda costume.  It arrived about three weeks ago.  I never thought to try it on him.  Friday, I decided to try both costumes on him and discovered that Micah's was a 2T-3T rather than a 12 month!  IT SWALLOWED HIM!  I panicked.  We went out in search of something new (terrible idea 3 days from Halloween!!) but found nothing.  So, we called our faithful friend, Ms. Dottie to get us out of yet another pinch.  She totally reworked his costume and spent HOURS making it fit just for him.  

Our friends from church, Beth and Randy called and offered to come sit at our house to hand out candy so we could go out as a family to trick or treat.  I was so grateful for their offer.  I was even more grateful when I realized Dan had orchestrated a little surprise of his own!

Yep, the awesome dad that he is worked out the details to borrow a Darth Vader costume and joined in on the fun.  It was awesome.  Jonah was thrilled.  He thought he had the best dad in the world!  (He does, by the way!)

 And, not to be outdone by Obi Wan and Darth Vader, may I introduce you to the sweetest Yoda in the world???

 And, just because she is so beautiful, Ms. Lila (aka Snow White) deserves a picture all by herself.  I love this little girl so much and she might love me a little but one would never know because she is SO SMITTEN WITH MICAH!!

 Lila's older sister Emma was a genie...NOT JASMINE!!!  She made sure to tell us that.  Apparently that was an issue.  
 Besides the wonderful spread of food they showed up with, Beth and Randy were a huge help to us tonight.  It would have been CHAOS and not nearly as fun without them.  

Our neighborhood is a trick or treat mecca so we had to have LOTS of candy.  I think we had over 700 pieces of candy and went through most of that.  
 Obi Wan Kenobi and Indiana Jones had a little duel.  I'm not sure who won but they were both pretty cute.  

 Sweet Jaxon was a firefighter...NOT a fireman.  Apparently, those are two totally different things!?!?  :-)

We even ran into a few neighbors who happen to be church members.  It is fun being part of a neighborhood full of kids and always fun to see friends while we are out and about.  

 One of Jonah's favorite things about the night was running into different friends.  It started with Garrett and Mason the Brock then more friends throughout the night.  

 Baby Yoda certainly enjoyed his night.  He smiled and waved.  He babbled.  He giggled.  He loved every minute of it.  He spent most of the night in the wagon but we got him out every now and then so he could have a different vantage point.  Sweet baby had a blast!

 We had to get a picture of Micah with Ms. Dottie since she saved his costume!  What a blessing!!  We were so up a creek before our panicked call to her!  :-)
I know these two pictures are close to each other but one is with him smiling and one isn't.  I had to post both of them because the one of him smiling is so him but the one of him not smiling just looked so sweet.  I love it.  
 I told Jonah and Dan to join them in the picture but as you can see, Dan kind of blended into the dark of night.  Oops!

 We got to one house and the lady said "You have to have a light saber fight in order to get your candy!"  So, they did!  It was quite the light show. 

Before Dan and Jonah made the loop around the rest of our neighborhood, Micah and I headed to the house.  It was time for the little guy to get a bath and get to bed.  Beth gladly took care of that duty while I handed out candy from our front yard.  About an hour later, Dan and Jonah returned with a bag FULL of candy and sweet memories.  What a fun night!

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