Saturday, October 29, 2011

The boys

Before I ever knew Micah was on the way, I started consigning Jonah's old clothes at the JBF sales that happen here a couple of times a year.  I had not made my way through every bin when we were surprised with the news of Micah.  So, he has been able to wear a few of the things that Jonah did as a baby.  This particular outfit is one of those.  Even though the shirt is rolled up on the bottom and looks too small, it really did fit him.  :-)

I really like seeing him in Jonah's old clothes because it brings back such memories to me.  I remember exactly when he wore this outfit.  And, speaking of Jonah, sometimes he asks to have his picture taken and then asks to take some pictures with the camera.  Here is the result of that.

And then, sometimes he hands the camera off to a babysitter so she can document whatever he chooses!

And, as a mommy, I'm so grateful for the babysitters I have who love my boys and have fun with them.  We have a couple of girls who keep our little ones for us and we all love them.  When Jonah hears they are coming, he gets SO excited.  Can't you tell they have fun?

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