Friday, September 23, 2011

2011 MS/LA Trip- Day 5

When we lived in Vidalia, we spent MANY hours in the pool at Art and Vera's Ott and Beera's house.  That pool holds some of my favorite memories.  Amanda and I had some of our most serious conversations in that pool.  So, it was only appropriate that we spend time there on this trip.  We called Diane and her girls to come too.  Those two girls mean so much to me.  Getting to spend a little time with them together was such a blessing to me.  While we were there, a very sweet friend, Martha Salters, came over to visit with me too.  I neglected to get her picture but I so appreciated the effort she made to see us.  Love you, sweet friend!

The kids had so much fun playing together while the moms chatted it up.  Hannah was quite taken with Micah.  She was all about that baby boy.  And, just seeing Marlie and Jonah together brought back so many sweet memories of those two and their times together.  Marlie was Jonah's best friend.  They started Jefferson Street together and spent tons of time together in the church nursery too.  When we first moved, he talked about Marlie every day.  Leaving her was hard.  So, seeing them together again was very sweet.

Vera and Art are two of the kindest people I have ever known.  Not long after being in Vidalia, a church member said to us "Art and Vera are the type of people that befriend every staff family and love them all while never saying a negative word!"  After serving with them for 7 years, I can echo that statement.  What wonderful friends to our family...then and now!  They were always so gracious to share their pool with us.  And, obviously, little Micah took to them just like we did.

We could have all stayed a lot longer but Sue was back at her house frying chicken for a wonderful meal.  So, we dried kids off and headed back to her house.  Jonah and Eli got to play together even more.  Oh, those sweet boys!  What I would give to have let them grow up together.  Seeing them together always makes me sad about us leaving Vidalia.

Sue made an INCREDIBLE dinner and then she watched all the boys so I could go see Josh and Amanda's new house.  They are building a beautiful house and I was dying to see it.  They are now within three weeks of moving in.  I'm so glad I got to see it in person.
Jonah said his goodbyes to Eli and we all got ready for bed.  Jonah went to sleep then Micah went to sleep.  Then Micah woke up...BECAUSE HE WAS THROWING UP!!!!  More to come on that drama with the next post about our trip!  Stay tuned...

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