Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 MS/LA Trip- Day 3

Saturday was the busiest day of our entire trip.  My brother and his family drove down from Tupelo to see us.  My cousins and their kids all made plans to meet at my grandmother's house too.  So, we got up early that morning and got ready for a full morning with my family then a full afternoon and evening with Dan's side of the family.  

We got to my grandmother's house and Michaela immediately grabbed Micah.  Those girls were more than ready to get their hands on my little one.  The second picture was so cute but blurry.  I had to add it anyway just because of the cuteness factor.  

Hannah has seen Micah on the webcam many times but has never seen him in person.  She was pretty smitten with my little one.  
There were 8 of my grandmother's great grandchildren there that morning.  They played outside.  They played inside.  They screamed.  They yelled.  They giggled.  It was sweet.  I grew up very close (in relationship and distance) to my cousins.  (except the two that lived in Florida!)  So, to see all of these little ones playing together brought back so many memories.  

I'm so glad my brother, Emily and Hannah were able to drive down to see us.  They had not met Micah yet and were so ready to see him.  They had attempted a couple of trips here since Micah was born and it just didn't work out.  Micah, as you can see, took right to Scott.  He immediately put his head on his shoulder.  

I'm trying to remember what these tears were for but I can't.  That is the problem with blogging an event a month after it happened.  I tend to forget the little details.  

At lunch time, we all headed to Mazzios in Byram.  There was a crew of us but it was fun.  And, MUCH easier than trying to feed that many at Granny's house that day. 

We said all of our goodbyes to my family then headed back to Dan's mom's house to meet his aunts and Grandmother.  None of them had met Micah or seen Jonah in over 3 years.  So, they all made the trip down to Jackson.  While we waited on Granny and Aunt Susan, Jonah played Pass the Pigs and Go Fish with GiGi and Aunt Martha.  

The next picture makes me laugh.  I can only wonder what Micah was thinking.  

While we were waiting to leave to go to dinner at Chris and Darla's house, Aunt Susan helped Micah learn the game of "Peep Eye!"  I posted the video last month.  You can see that HERE.

After lots of giggles with Dan's mom, grandmother and aunts, we headed to Clinton to see Chris, Darla, Gavin and Rachel.  Rachel was still asleep when we got there.  So, Micah took full advantage of playing with her toys.  

When Rachel woke up, she could not keep her eyes off of Micah.  She could not figure out who he was or why he was touching her stuff.  Micah is just three days older than her but this was their first time to meet.  

Have you ever attempted to get a good picture of two five year old boys holding their 9 month siblings?  Yeah, it didn't quite work out the way we planned.  Each attempt was met with frustration by one of the four kiddos.  

And, just in case you have ever wondered what a kid sees when a group of adults is taking a picture and trying to make the kid smile, here ya go!
And, once again, attempting a 'good' picture with two 9 month old babies isn't so easy.  Here's proof!

Aunt Susan made the big boy's day by pulling out a grab bag that she and Granny put together for them. It was full of all sorts of fun things that five year old boys love.  

We sat down to eat and the big boys had a table all to themselves.  They seemed to enjoy that.  

Before heading home for the night, we took a few pictures of GiGi with four of her seven grandkids and with Granny B and four of her twelve (?) great grandkids.  

Jonah said goodbye to his cousins then cried all the way home until he fell asleep in the car.  He had such a fun day all day long with cousins on both sides of his family but did not handle well leaving them.  He kept saying "I want to play with cousins all the time.  I wish I could see my cousins all the time.  Why do cousins not live in my neighborhood?"  Isn't that sad?  As much as he loved the day with cousins and family, it was equally hard ending the day without them.  But, he did get this one sweet kiss from Rachel as we left.  :-)

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