Saturday, September 17, 2011

2011 Miss/LA Trip- Day 2

While we were in Jackson, we spent the night at Dan's mom's house so we could see her before she went to work each day.  She has a strange work schedule, so if we were going to see her at all, it was before noon each day.  So, our first full day in Jackson started with GiGi and a yummy breakfast at her house.  Micah ate a few puffs while waiting for Jonah and GiGi to make breakfast. 

One of Jonah's favorite things to do at her house was stack cups.  He did this over and over and over during our stay there.
Sometimes he would hid things under the cups and switch them up while GiGi hid her eyes.  It was her job to find where the item was hidden.
After playing all morning with GiGi, we got dressed and met MiMi a few houses down at Mrs. Pat's house.  Mrs. Pat was my across the street neighbor growing up and now she lives three houses from Dan's mom.  Mrs. Pat was such a huge part of my growing up years so I was glad to spend a little time with her and my boys.
After we visited with her for a little while, we loaded up and headed to The Mississippi Children's Museum with my mom.  This has opened since we moved away and I had been looking forward to taking my boys there one day.  This particular Friday was the PERFECT day.  Schools had started back in MS and we were one of the few families there that day.

The museum overlooks the golf course at LeFluer's Bluff.  Pretty smart thinking on their part.  Dad's can play golf while mom's and kiddos play at the museum.  Micah was quite smitten with those golf carts passing below.

The next series of pictures propelled me into my future.  I can imagine the day in 10-11 years when Jonah is seated in a driver's seat and Micah will look at me from the passenger's seat.  I could expound more on this but I should probably move on before the tears begin to flow.  I can barely handle him being in Kindergarten, much less DRIVING!!!

I can not say enough good things about the MS Children's Museum.  It far exceeded my expectations.  My favorite part of the entire place was the massive Scrabble board.  I can imagine this being super busy on other days, but we had the board all to ourselves on this day.

Thanks, MiMi for a FUN, FUN day!  We all had so much fun at the museum with you!

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Barb said...

That scrabble board is SO cool, and makes for great pics!


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