Friday, September 9, 2011

Micah's Monthly Update- Month Ten

Oh, sweet boy!  You are so very precious.  In just two months, we will celebrate your first birthday.  I can hardly believe that time is here already.  You are a sheer delight to parent.  You sleep a consistent 11-13 hours each night and still nap twice a day.  You have only woken up once or twice in the entire 8 months you have been sleeping through the night.  Considering how much your daddy and I like sleep, we really appreciate that.  :-)

You smile more than any child I have ever met.  We sometimes go weeks without hearing you cry.  That is the oddest thing to us.  You are just happy.  I'd like to think that is because you know just how loved you are but I have a feeling that we just got lucky.  Your giggles are contagious.  When you laugh, our whole family laughs with you.

You are one busy boy.  Your crawling has picked up serious speed.  I bed you will be taking steps by this time next month.  And, you will probably be a full fledged walker on your first birthday.  If you think walking can get you into more things and get you somewhere quicker, you'll probably decide to walk tomorrow.  

You are a big boy!  You weighed 22.69 pounds at your 9 month check up.  You were actually 9.5 months at the time.  Your weight is in the 77th percentile.  You are 29.25 inches long which is in the 74th percentile.  You have 7 teeth.  You still only say "uh-oh!"

You bring me unspeakable joy!  


  • Praise Baby DVD
  • Swimming
  • Baths
  • The Night Light
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Green Beans
  • Eating
  • Max
  • Rough housing
  • Standing Up
  • Puffs
  • Cords
  • Silver Rattle


  • Being told NO in a harsh voice
  • Having your face wiped
  • Sitting still
  • The pick up line at Jonah's school


  • First Airplane Ride
  • Meeting both Great Grandmothers
  • First time in Mississippi
  • First time in Louisiana
  • First Haircut
  • Waved Bye Bye
  • Signed "more" while eating
  • Met lots of family and friends from MS/LA

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