Friday, September 9, 2011

First Homework

Jonah had his first assignment to do at home last week.  This was actually something he should have finished at school but he did not, so it was sent home.  We warned his teacher on "Meet The Teacher" day that he is incredibly slow.  She smiled and nodded.  She has now told us that she heard us that day but now gets it.  We are working together to find a solution to this.  If you remember, his nickname around here is Papaw!!  (Which, I'm not allowed to say anymore because "that is calling names and calling names isn't nice.  It hurts feelings.")

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Penny said...

Cute! I've got one of those slow ones this year, but her problem is wanting to be in everybody's business but her own. lol (My para-assistant calls her and another little girl "grandma." Guess I'll have to flip Mrs. Sue behavior card. ;)


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