Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Disney after school

A few weeks ago, I picked Jonah up a little early from school and headed to the Magic Kingdom.  He had no idea this was in the works but was so excited to see me there 20 minutes early and then even more excited to discover where we were going.  I thought he would be so excited to have some alone time with me but I was quickly reminded just how much that little guy loves his whole family being together.  He was certainly okay with it being just me but would have definitely preferred a family day.  I think some of that plays into how busy Dan has been lately.  There have been days in the past month that he hasn't even laid eyes on Micah.  And, on those days, he only sees Jonah on the 2 minute drive to school.  So, Jonah has been missing the "family" days he so loves.  

We walked into the Magic Kingdom right as the 3:00 p.m. parade was beginning.  So, we stopped to watch.  He has seen that parade so many times but loves it.  And, no trip to Disney is complete until Jonah gets "HIS" map!

When they started the addition to Fantasy Land, they closed Toon Town and moved the Mickey & Minnie greet to Town Hall.  Since we were right in front of that building, we stepped inside to see how the lines were.  Except, there were no lines.  So, we walked right in to see Mickey and Minnie.  

In all of our time at Disney, that has never happened.  Not only did we step right in, there was no one behind us.  So, the CM told us to stay awhile.  We ended up being in there with them for 20+ minutes.  Mickey took Jonah by the hand and showed him so many things.  It was so sweet.  

After a fun time with the mouse, we (and the map) headed down Main Street.  I let Jonah choose where we would go first.  He chose Fantasy Land.

One of our MOST favorite things in all of Disney is Mickey's Philharmagic Show.  So, that was our first stop.  It was nice to step inside that auditorium because it was SO HOT outside.  We were already sweating and feeling yucky.  (as evidenced by my hair beginning to curl on its own!)

We left there and went to It's a Small World.  We rode it TWO TIMES!  How on earth I let him convince me to ride it twice is beyond me.  I can barely endure it once.  But, we did it twice that day.  

Next, we went to Dumbo.  It was a fairly short line compared to usual.  I think we waited 15 minutes or so.  I loved it this time because when we went up high, we were able to see into the expansion of Fantasy Land.  Construction is well under way.  It will be so nice when it is done!
By this point, Jonah was ready for a snack and some water.  So, we stopped and had some ice cream and a bottle of water. 

He stopped to try to pull the sword out of the stone and IT HAPPENED!  He was thrilled.  This big kid saw him do it and said "That's easy!"  Then he tried and it didn't happen.  Now, I know it has nothing to do with strength but all about "luck" at the moment but I did chuckle when that kid belittled Jonah for being so excited and then he couldn't do it.  He was a little embarrassed.  I looked down and Jonah expecting him to be smiling because the kid kind of embarrassed him.  But, instead of being happy, he looked at the kid and said "Just keep trying.  I tried it a lot before it worked for me!"  Sweet, sweet boy!

It was a fun day with my sweet five year old boy.  I loved getting to hang out with him and talk about all things 5 year old.  You know, like how if you chew too fast that your cheeks make sparks and then sparks make fire.  It's true because Mason said so.  See, I didn't know that either!


Aja said...

Girl, there's no way we can do our Disney day if you don't like IASW because that's a FAV ride for us. Holder says, "That's a GOOD one!" and wants to ride again and again!

And how crazy is it that I totally started singing the "Celebrate a dream come true..." song while looking at your parade pictures?!? LOL.

T's Mommy said...

HOW FUN!! The wait for Mickey and Minnie at Town hall was no more then 5 minutes when we last went. What an amazing time you guys had!! Such fun memories!


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