Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today, I dressed this little cutie in one of his MANY Christmas outfits and headed towards the church.  He has several Christmas outfits but I'm afraid he may outgrow them BEFORE he has the chance to wear them.  He is getting!!!  So, rather than waste my money, I'm going to let him wear them now while they still fit. 

Only kidding!  (Actually, not kidding about him growing too fast to wear them.  Only kidding about WHY!)  Today was Christmas in September for our Widows Ministry.  So, rather than just show up to love on a few sweet widows, we decided to dress up THEN show up to love on a few sweet widows.  And, TRUST ME...the moment this cute little fella entered the room, there were nothing but smiles all around.  Somehow, little ones always know how to bring a smile to faces of sweet little ladies.  

He enjoyed some of the yummy Christmas dinner and then wanted DOWN!  I let him crawl for just a second the picked him up because I didn't want him to trip anyone.  I took lots of pictures with my camera but they will have to wait until I have a computer again.  

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