Thursday, September 29, 2011

2011 MS/LA Trip- Day 6

When we went home last year, I wore us out by going to so many houses in Vidalia to visit people.  Getting in and out of cars and car seats was so difficult.  I knew I could not do that again.  (Especially with 2 little ones!)  So, Sue was gracious enough to let me stay there and let people come to us.  There were so many sweet senior adults we wanted to see so this worked perfect.  Tuesday morning, at about 9:00 a.m., the doorbell rang and the people started flowing in.  It was so sweet to see everyone and they all loved meeting Micah.  (I missed pictures with a few of them.)

It was so good to see everyone and visit with all of them.  Jonah and Micah both loved the attention.  All of those people knew Jonah when he was Micah's age and they could not believe how much alike they were.  After a yummy Mexican lunch with Sue, we dropped Jonah off with Belinda and Taylor for a trip to the farm.  I took Micah back to Sue's house so he could get a nap.  While he was sleeping, the doorbell rang again and I opened it to find Gail.  We got to visit for a couple of hours while he slept.  

Then, it wasn't long until Belinda and Taylor came back with Jonah.  He had a great afternoon at the farm with them.  He loves being there and being with them.  And, he was especially excited because Tim Memaw was cutting rice while he was there.  So, he got to help Derek in his tractor.  

After working so hard, B took him for a special treat...a sno cone!  Those are so popular in Vidalia but we can't find them here.  Not only did they get one for all of them, they brought me one too!  :-)

When Jonah got back to the house, he was happy to see Tammy and Clare.  We all got to visit with them and Belinda and Taylor.  It seemed just like old times.  Except we were all at Sue's house but she wasn't there.  
Taylor spent some time playing with Micah.  She thought he was the sweetest baby ever.  (Until a few days later when she started throwing up and ended up in the Emergency Room because of the virus he spread to her!!!)

We said our goodbyes to all of them and headed across town to see Dusty, Heidi and Baylor.  Jonah was just too tired to stay awake on the four minute drive.  That poor baby was OUT!  He never dropped his sucker!)
I hated to wake him at Dusty's house but I had to because we were going inside.  That was tough on him because he was just so tired.  But, as soon as we got inside, he was fine.  We were all so happy to meet little Baylor.  Baylor was born a few weeks after Micah.  (you can't tell that by their size!!)  He is the cutest little thing!!

Notice the difference in their leg size.  I put this picture on Facebook and Dusty said "Your baby could eat my baby!"  I responded by saying "It looks like he already did!"  

It was so good to see Dusty & Heidi and finally meet Baylor.  Dusty came to FBCV as the Student Minister the year before we left.  So, we got to serve with them for a whole year.  He does a great job serving students and their parents.  We are so proud of him.  
We left their house and headed to Jimmy & Cathy's house for dinner.  I guess I left my camera in the car that night because I have no pictures from our time there.  We left them and drove back to Byram to Dan's mom's house since we had an early morning in Jackson the next day.  I would always rather drive at night than in the morning. Both boys fell asleep just minutes outside of Vidalia.  So, the drive to Byram was quite peaceful.  They both woke up as soon as we pulled into Debbie's driveway.  Jonah went right to bed.  Micah, well, see for yourself!

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