Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sick, yelling and Rapunzel!

***EDIT- I've gotten several comments about this post.  Some as anonymous blog comments and some from friends.  FYI, I didn't scream at Jonah.  I raised my voice at him because he wasn't listening to what we were saying and because I didn't feel good.  We were sick.  The point of this blog post was not about my apparent lack of good parenting skills but to show that Jonah was totally unaffected by what seemed to bother me so much.  And, he was more concerned with the mean lady on a movie!  But, come on, what mom out there NEVER raises her voice to her children???***

We have one thing of Gatorade left between us.  Neither of us feel like getting out to get more so we are using it sparingly.  Jonah spotted it on the counter and asked to have a cup full.  Dan told him no then explained why.  A few minutes later I walked in the kitchen and he asked me for a cup of Gatorade.  I told him no and gave him the same reason Dan did.  

As I was standing in the kitchen, in a whiny voice, he said "I just want some of that Gatorade."  I said "Jonah, daddy and I have both told you that you aren't getting that Gatorade.  You can have a juice box.  That is all the Gatorade we have left and we both feel bad.  It is all we can drink.  You can have a juice box."  As I was walking out of the kitchen, he said "I just want some Gatorade!"  I was SO frustrated and in a LOUD voice said "JONAH!  Your daddy and I have both told you that you can not have any Gatorade.  We are sick and that is ALL we can drink.  If you mention the Gatorade again, you are going straight to bed tonight with no story!  Do you understand?"  He looked very wounded and said "Yes, Ma'am!"  

I continued on my way to do what I needed to do but felt terrible for raising my voice at him and hurting his feelings.  (Although, he had been told SEVERAL times why he was not getting Gatorade!!!)  I walked back into the kitchen and said "Jonah, I'm sorry I yelled at you.  Mommy just doesn't feel very good and you aren't paying attention to what we have both told you!"  He said "You know in Tangled when that old lady yelled at Rapunzel and told her DO NOT LEAVE THE TOWER!, at least you didn't yell at me and tell me that."

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