Thursday, August 25, 2011

Neighborhood Kindergarten Kickoff

Last Saturday, our family got to spend some time with a few other little Kindergarten boys that live near us.  Our neighbor had the great idea of doing a kickoff party for these guys right before their first week of school.  I'm so glad she had the idea and so glad she invited us to be part of it. 

We rotated through three different houses.  The boys all showed up in their swimsuits because each house had something to do with water.  We started at Aaron's house where the boys got to play on a slip & slide, a sprinkler ball, trampoline, swingset and have a huge water balloon fight. 

Six super cute Kindergarten boys!
The 3rd grade sisters
Josh and Kristy spent some serious time making water balloons and the boys loved it.  I'm not sure Jonah has ever had a water balloon fight before so he was a little timid at first but quickly got into it. 

Kristy, the brainchild of our party

After spending some time at their house, we all headed to the front yard to begin the march down the street.  The boys lined up behind their poster and we all followed them to the next house. 

All the siblings with the Kindergarten boys

We stopped at Brock's house next for a fun time of swimming and snacks.  The kids jumped right into that pool and had such a fun time splashing, squealing and swimming. 
Micah had a great day just enjoying the view and hanging out.  He was super sweet and just took it all in.  That sweet baby rarely complains about anything.  He is just so happy. 

After some snacks and juice boxes at Brock's house, the march began down the Boulevard back to our house. 

The came through the back yard and jumped right into our pool.  (Notice how many of them are wearing the same shade of blue?)

After they swam at our house for a while. we headed back to Josh & Kristy's house for lunch.  Those boys were STARVING after their morning of fun!

Kristy had the CUTEST cake made.  I loved it!  And, it was so yummy too! 

It was such a fun day with some sweet little boys who have been in preschool together (except one of them) and will now venture to Kindergarten together.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love neighborhood living??

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