Monday, August 1, 2011

Monitor Failure

We have a video monitor in Micah's room over his crib pointing down into the crib.  It is probably one of my favorite baby items.  But today, it failed me.  I kept trying to see him on the monitor but it kept telling me "OUT OF RANGE."  I turned it off and restarted it.  I complained the entire time.  Seriously, this thing is only 9 months old.  It should not be malfunctioning already.  Besides, it cost $200.  I kept turning it off and on with no luck. 

Dan saw my frustration and offered to help.  He went to see if he could unplug the camera part and restart it.  After being back in Micah's room for just a second, he came to the living room and said "Nick-Nick, you've gotta see this!"  So, I followed him back to Micah's room to see this.

My $200 monitor hadn't failed me after all.  The little boy in the bed apparently pulled up, unplugged the cord, dropped it on the ground then snuggled right up to the camera for his afternoon nap.  Jonah never did that one time.  What on earth does this little boy have in store for me?


Aja said...

Just glad I'm not alone with the wild second child! Also, you might like to know that our 8-mo th-old video monitor currently has to be plugged in at all times to work- won't hold a charge at all. Frustrating!

Penny said...

LOL He is already wanting you out of his room~ and to get out of his business. ha


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