Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet the Teacher Day

We just returned from meeting Jonah's Kindergarten Teacher.  We are so excited about who he got and can't wait for a fun year.  From the moment we heard Jonah got Mrs. Myers, we have been getting messages, texts, emails and constant affirmation that she is WONDERFUL!  And, when we went to preview day back in May, he was one of 7 kids who ended up in her class that day.  So, he wasn't nervous at all today because he "already knowed her!"  (Hopefully his grammar will improve over the year!)

We were the first ones to arrive so Jonah got a full view of the classroom before it was filled with kiddos.  We stopped to fill out the paperwork then Jonah got to pick a book to take home with him. 

Jonah with his teacher, Mrs. Myers

The bag Mrs. Myers gave all of the kids

I took lots of pictures of her classroom so you could see what Jonah will see every day.  I love how bright, cheery and clean everything is. 

We were thrilled to see Amber (from preschool) is in his class.  I think there are about 7 kids from his class last year that will be with him again this year.  That sure makes things easier for a sometimes shy little boy. 
I snapped this picture from behind to show you the height difference between Jonah and another girl in his class.  He will be the youngest in the room.  I'm guessing she will be one of the oldest?

He was most excited to drink from the fountain in the room.  
We left the classroom and headed over to the Media Center to check things out.  I'll have to say, it was the nicest library/computer area of any elementary school I've ever seen.  Jonah was most impressed. 

We made a stop by the PTA table to sign up and visit with my PTA friends.  While I was talking to Laura, Jonah asked to take our picture.  I thought it was a bit ironic since I know her because of this blog.  So, Laura, it has come full circle.  You found us by the blog and now you made the blog!  :-)
It was a good day for Jonah and made us all so excited for the fun year ahead.  I know he is going to love school!

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