Friday, August 26, 2011

Kindergarten Observations: Week One

I'm listening to Jonah tell Dan about Kindergarten and it was so cute that I grabbed my laptop and started typing as he talked.  (italics below are my thoughts!)

  • You have to keep your eyes on the hairs in front of you when you walk in line.
  • You can't run at school.  Except, sometimes I forget.  I run then. 
  • I missed Max, and you and mommy and Micah.
  • Music was great.  It was the best part.  Mr. Uppercue was serious about some rules.  There were 2 rules that were important.  #3 wasn't important because I can't remember it.  The most important rule was try your best.  I mean be nice.  It was the 5th rule that was most important.  Be nice to my instruments and MY means Mr. Uppercue, not me.
  • Today a lot of people got in Time Out but I didn't.
  • We had more new centers at school.  We got blocks and math things.
  • I hope Brock will come over to our house and bring his dad to see if you can knock him over?  He is really strong and I think he will win.  But, I will catch your head so it won't get hurt if you fall down.  (By the way, I"m laughing so hard I'm crying as I type this.  I'm typing word for word!)
  • I have two best friends at school.  Brock and Garrett.  Jaquez is my friend but he bes silly all the time and he touched my neck one time.  
  • Mrs. Myers was great.  She has bright hair.  (it is red)
  • They don't have teachers at P.E.  They are coaches.
  • I did the chicken dance in the Multi-purpose room.
  • Ava is still my girlfriend because I haven't changed.   We talk at school but she isn't a boy.
  • The math center is well, those blocks and snap blocks are there.  
And, if you are my friend on Facebook, then you saw this post from his first day.

My two favorite quotes about day 1 of Kindergarten!

"Mommy, you WERE right. They made us eat fast and I didn't finish my lunch. I thought you were just kidding about that!"

"My teacher, Mrs Myers looked just the same today except she wore different clothes. I guess she has lots of things to wear. We'll see tomorrow!"



    Baylee's Mommy said...

    Absolutely hysterical! Love the two quotes on Facebook!!!!

    Penny said...

    He is precious~ wish y'all were here and he was in my class! I would really enjoy that kid! I had a little girl last year that was so funny~ like Jonah! So far this year I haven't noticed anyone in particular standing out in that department. Oh well, it's only been a week! Maybe they'll come up with some good ones when they get more comfortable with me. lol


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