Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kick and Flip

We know Jonah needs to be in some sort of physical activity.  He really wants to do a MMA class.  So, we've tried a couple of different places for the intro class.  A few weeks ago, we tried a Kick and Flip Class that was 30 minutes of MMA and 30 minutes of Gymnastics.  HE LOVED IT. 

I really hoped this place would work because he loved it so much but it was TOTAL CHAOS!  Dan and I both felt a little overwhelmed at the organization (or lack thereof) and leadership.  So, we will keep looking.  Micah was with us and just so happened to be on a dose of Prednisone.  HE WAS WILD!  OH MY GOODNESS!  There are no words to describe how crazy that kiddo acted.  One of the parents asked if we thought he should be in the class rather than Jonah.  Does that tell you anything?

We are still looking for the class that will be best for him.  I think we have narrowed it down to the center we will use for MMA but it has been fun trying different options.  He can hardly wait to begin but I think we will wait until the school year starts since we still have some fun summer activities. 


Amanda said...

MMA??? Sweet! Tell him I know some moves if he ever needs help :) You know I love that kind of stuff! Can't wait to see him in the octagon...hahaha

Amy said...

What's MMA?


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