Monday, August 22, 2011

Jonah's Blog Post about Kindergarten

Okay, I'm about to be in Kindergarten and I hope it is going to be fun.  I, maybe, it will be on Wednesday and I hope it is because I'm getting ready.  I loved my classroom.  I played in the kitchen the most.  I loved the room where they talked and where the paintings were because it was so much fun.  Whenever I go to Kindergarten, I will have very much fun and I want to play in the kitchen the most because that was my most fun when I was a little boy I didn't do anything.  I want to take chips and some snakes, just kidding and I want to take some string cheese and I want to take a sandwich with some water in my water bottle in my lunch box that will be my first thing that I will like to do at Kindergarten.  The End. 

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