Monday, August 22, 2011


When I uploaded pictures off of my DSLR last weekend, I was surprised to discover some photos taken in June that never got taken off my memory card.  I normally move them to my hard drive each night so this was quite the surprise for me.  And, I had to chuckle as I relived the moments of these pictures.  On this particular night, Jonah helped his daddy grill Salmon, Tuna, Catfish and Butternut Squash.

He was wearing his "Lil Griller" apron, hat and mitt that Docka Russ sent him for Christmas.  And, since she knows him so well, the hat had an expandable tab so it would fit larger heads.  :-)

Micah wanted to be out there to help so bad but he hung out in his exersaucer instead.  We can't quite trust that mobile boy around fire!

If you wonder why we had such a variety of fish, it is because I went to Publix to get something to grill but could not decide on which kind to buy.  So, I bought one of each.  They were all yummy!  Especially since we grilled them on a cedar plank!!

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Barb said...

LOVE the apron and hat! Too cute.


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