Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ending the Birthday Week at Chuck E. Cheese

The Friday after Jonah's birthday, we loaded up and headed to Chuck E. Cheese for the day.  We were super surprised to discover only three or four cars in the parking lot.  I've never been so thrilled in my life.  There is nothing worse than on over crowded Chuck E. Cheese.  We were able to walk in and basically have the run of the place for at least an hour or so. 

My big five year old boy!

We stayed for several hours and the boys had a blast.  Even little Micah had fun just watching people.  Typically I let him down to crawl around but I didn't think that would be the cleanest place.  So, I let him hang out in his stroller or with me for most of the time.  He just giggled and laughed.  At one point, Jonah said "this has been a very long birthday!"  I told him it was the end of the birthday celebration.  He said "Good, I'm tired!"  HA!  Silly boy!

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