Sunday, July 3, 2011

What kind of family are we?

For some reason, this just came to mind I don't *think* I blogged about it when it happened.  I did a search but nothing came up, so here goes.

Several weeks ago, Jonah had a play date with his friend, Mathias.  The boys were having so much fun together so rather than bringing him home before his sister's soccer game, his mom called to see if Jonah could go with them to the soccer field.  When they brought Jonah home, the entire family was in the same car.  (Scott, Mequel, Adeline, Mathias and Jonah)  After we said our thank-yous and goodbyes, Jonah and I walked inside.  I asked him if he had fun.  He said "Yes Ma'am I sure did!  It was SO nice to be with a real family for a little while!"


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