Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

I was looking back for an old post and came across this in my draft folder.  Oops! 

Dan got Micah out of bed on the morning of Memorial Day and Jonah said "I want to sit in that red chair and take a picture with Micah."  So, Dan went to get the camera and obliged him. Then, he helped me get both boys ready for a fun day at the lake.  (aka Frank & Margie's house)

The day was filled with jet ski rides, tube rides, good food and lots of sun.  Jonah spent HOURS on the jet skis.  He made sure to go with whoever was going at the time.  I so wish I would have had my waterproof camera out there but I didn't even own it then.

Cathi was less than two weeks away from delivering Colton.  She was a trooper for being out in that heat all day. 

Micah got try his first watermelon that day.  After I posted this picture on facebook, someone sent me a message saying babies aren't supposed to have watermelon at this age.  Oops!  Good thing I waited over a month to post these pictures.  That way you all know that he survived. 

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Aja said...

And here was always embarrassed thinking I thought I was the only one with a husband who wears interestingly cut t-shirts to outdoor events. :)


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