Sunday, July 10, 2011

Front Porch Pickings

I have a new love!  Front Porch Pickings is a local company that delivers local and organic produce right to your front door.  My friend Karrah used their service a couple of weeks ago, then blogged about it.  Check her blog to see her delivery from that week.  It sold me on the service.  The fruit and veggies looked so good.  And, she got quite a haul for just $20.  I immediately checked the link she sent and then signed up.  We got our first delivery last Thursday.  I took pictures for you to see.  (Karrah's picture is way better than mine but she is a professional photog so cut me a little slack, k?)  ;-)

The great thing about the service is that you can choose from several options and they all include delivery to your front door.  From organic to local to you choosing things you like and eliminating things you don't like.  We asked to not ever receive red peppers, green peppers or blackberries.  So, on the weeks those are options, we will get something different that we DO eat.  Also, when they send you what will be in your basket, they send recipes for those items.  We got a butternut squash this week.  I've never even had that before but we made a wonderful balsamic vinagrette marinade then grilled it.  YUMMY!

Go check out their service and if you decide to sign up, please tell them I sent you.  They even give credit on future orders for your referrals. 

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Denise Darnell Davis said...

This post made me think of the new site we just found out about through a co-worker, They use it and love it! Just about any household item can be shipped to your home saving you from Walmart! I'm going to check into and most likely try it out while I'm out on maternity leave.


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