Monday, July 18, 2011

The celebration begins...

 Last Thursday, Susan came over to get Jonah for a birthday celebration.  She took him to see Cars 2 and brought him a Cars gift in a Cars bag.  (See a trend here?)  Jonah had a wonderful time with Susan and has since asked if they can go to other movies "because Mrs. Susan is just so much fun!" 
 The next night, he was talking to Tim and Belinda (MeMaw and B...from Vidalia) on the phone and he told them he went to see Cars 2.  Belinda asked him who he went with and he said "a friend of mine."  It made me laugh.  That sounds like he was talking about another 5 year old.  Not a retired school teacher.  HA!  "A friend of mine!"  That kid...
 Later that night, I started a little craft I saw on a blog.  I bought the supplies to make a balloon wreath.  You can see the website here.  I wanted to have one of these to use on birthday months for the boys.  I failed to notice the part of the instructions that said to leave the cellophane on the wreath so it doesn't shed.  As you can see, mine shed bad after I took the wrapping off.  So, in order to solve that problem, I wrapped it in Saran Wrap. 

I'll show you a picture of the completed balloon wreath in another post since I don't have one on my camera.  I took it with my phone so I will upload it later. 

Stay tuned for more posts about the birthday of the best soon to be 5 year old I know!  8 days and counting...

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