Saturday, July 30, 2011

Amanda & Eli's Visit (Day Five)

Our last full day with Amanda and Eli was spent at the beach.  We originally planned to go to Sea World but since Eli loved the beach so much, we opted for another day there.  I'm glad we did.  It was so fun.  Margie and her family were at a condo in Flagler and we decided to go there rather than back to New Smyrna Beach.  That was wonderful because I got to take Micah out for a while then took him back to Margie in the condo.  She bathed and fed him while the rest of us played on the beach. 

Jen was there for the week too so she hung out with us.  Jonah was so happy Aunt Jen played with us there and then in the pool.  Micah did better at the beach this time.  I think his lack of enjoyment last time was due to the amount of time we spent there rather than the actual beach. 

I wanted a few pictures of the boys in their matching swimsuits but it was hard to make that happen with all of the excitement going on around them. 

We wanted a picture of Eli with the boys but he was not into that at all.  Manna sat down with him hoping that would help but he was against the whole picture idea.  He wanted to splash in the waves!

Tammy sent some colored bubbles for the boys.  We saved them until we got to the beach because I heard they make a mess.  The boys loved them.  They had blue and green bubbles all over their clothes, faces and the sand. 
Look at Amanda's face.  She had already been covered with the bubbles a couple of times. 

Isn't he a cutie?  Minus his belly hanging out, that last picture cracks me up. 

Amanda took Jonah and Eli on a hunt for shells.  Jenn and I kept Micah entertained with the splashing waves and the sand.  While they were on their walk, I took Micah back over to Margie.
After some more fun on the beach, we headed to the pool at the condo.  We forgot Eli's floaties so Manna and I took turns playing with him. 

The next picture is so funny to me.  I told Jonah and Manna to go under and smile for a picture.  She did.  He didn't.  HA!
After lots of fun in the sun, we all headed inside to be with Margie, Cathi and Colton.  Isn't Colton precious?  He slept most of the time we were there. 

Margie, Jen and Cathi all saved their gifts for Jonah's birthday until we got to the beach.  They were so sweet to buy Eli a gift too.  He is all about CARS so they did an awesome job picking something for him. 
Jonah loved opening his gifts and seeing all the surprises they picked for him.  Micah even helped him open a couple of gifts. 

Aunt Jen fueled Jonah's love of Transformers with 2 seasons on DVD and Optimus Prime.  He. Was. Thrilled. 

Please ignore how awful I look in these next pictures.  I had just come in from the beach but the pictures are too cute to pass up.  I was holding Colton and felt little arms on my back and then on my arm.  I noticed a little head peering around me staring at me holding another baby.  He wasn't so sure of it at first but finally warned up to the idea. 

I got a weather alert on my phone that terrible thunderstorms were in the area.  We loaded the car in record time and got out of Flagler as quick as we could.  The first 20-25 minutes of the drive was in DRIVING rain.  I could barely see the road.  Everyone on the Interstate was going 40 mph or less and had their flashers on.  It was crazy. 

We got home and boys went right to playing with the Imaginext toys.  Jonah loves his Imaginext toys and Eli fell in love with them.  They spent HOURS playing with these things over the five days they were here. 

I looked up at one point and both boys were on the bean bag watching Wonder Pets.  It was so cute to me.  It made me sad that they don't get to grow up together and have special moments like these.  I love life in Ministry and I love being a Pastor's Wife but the moving part stinks sometimes.  It is hard to leave people you love so much.  And, short visits like these remind me of what could have been. 

We fed the boys dinner then got them all in the tub for bath time.  Micah thinks he is as big as the other two boys.  He wanted to do everything they did and loved every minute with them.

One of the most fun parts of the night was Amanda and Eli playing Peekaboo with Micah at the end of the couch. I wish you could hear the giggles and gasps for air.  It was so fun and so funny!

While Manna got Eli ready for bed, I lotioned Micah up and got him in his pajamas for the night.  After getting him ready for bed, it was time for her to say goodbye to the boys.  We had to leave our house around 6 the next morning and both boys would still be asleep.  So, the dreaded goodbyes began. 

After saying goodnight to Micah, it was time to get the two older boys in bed.  I dreaded this because Jonah had already been sad about saying bye to them.  We let them have a snack then play with Max for a while before heading to bed. 
Jonah gave his bye hugs to Manna.  He was so very sad.  He said numerous times that he did not want them to leave.  It really broke my heart to see him so sad. 

Jonah and Eli gave hugs and said their goodbyes then off to bed they went.  Jonah cried himself to sleep.  There was no consoling him.  He LOVED having them here and loved spending time with them. (So did his mommy and daddy!)

Amanda, thank you so much for coming.  I loved every minute of you being here.  You are such a good friend to me but more like a sister.  I've loved staying in touch via Facebook, blogs, Facetime and AIM but there is nothing like having you here in person.  It reminded me of all of the wonderful times we had in Vidalia and now makes me miss you even more.  You are a wonderful friend and I'm so blessed to have you in my life!

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Amanda said...

Awww, what a sweet post. Made me sniffle and tear up. I miss all of you guys a lot. I can't wait to see you guys again! Hopefully, it won't be another year before that happens. Give both boys a hug and a kiss from me! We love you!


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