Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Pics from Micah's 7 month birthday

The day Micah turned 7 months old, I had my camera out to take pictures with his 7 month onesie.  So, I took lots of pictures over the course of that day.  The first few are of brothers playing together.  Love those sweet moments. 

Micah spent some time in his new pack and play.  I broke down and bought him one the other day.  I had been needed one for a while and always borrowed one when friends came to town or when we traveled.  So, I bought one that didn't have fabric on it so I could use it out by the pool too.  It is nice to be able to put Micah in it with a few toys so I can get things done without him rolling into some sort of trouble. 

After I took Micah's pictures for his 7 month update, we played in his room a while longer.  Dan asked Jonah to help him do some things outside.  It wasn't long until we saw Jonah and Dan outside the window.  Micah rolled over to see his big brother then stared at him through the window. 

Dan's face cracks me up in the next photo.  He saw Micah starting to tumble and his face shows it. 

He loved watching them through the window.  He wanted to be out there with them SO bad.  It won't be long until he will be.  Ugh...he his growing too fast!

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