Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jonah's VPK Graduation

Three weeks ago, my first born child walked down an aisle to Pomp and Circumstance then graduated from his VPK program.  Oh my goodness!  I was NOT prepared to cry.  But, I should have been.  When he marched into that room wearing a green cap and gown, the tears started.  He seemed so big and grown up.  He seemed like a child.  When did that happen?  At least I have this little guy to baby for a little while longer. 
Seriously, doesn't he look big?  I wasn't prepared for that. 
Ms. Nancy did a great job of talking about each graduate and telling special things about them.  She loves our little boy and he just adores her. 
The kids did a sweet little song as a surprise for the parents.  It was to the tune of New York, New York but all about Kindergarten.  Loved it!

Getting a good picture of him by himself was a little tough because he wanted to do super hero poses in each picture rather than just stand and smile.  So, I finally gave in.  Don't quite see this one going in a frame.  

Jonah and Graci Jan

Jonah with his mommy and daddy

Jonah and Rylan Carlos

Jonah and Mikenzie

Our family

Our family...Again!


Nana and the boys

Love this little face

My sweet graduate

Aunt Jen drove in directly from her cruise to be at graduation.

Mommy's Boy!

Another Super Hero Pose

Jonah and Nana

This day will come TOO soon!
The school had a reception for all the graduates and their families.  They had a framed cap and gown picture for us along with a bound book of some of their projects from the year. 

Jonah and his girlfriend, Ava

Jonah with G-Wilma

Ms. Nancy, Ava and Jonah


Kayla, Jonah and Amber

Notice the hands hovering about their shoulders?  He refused to touch them.

Garrett and Jonah

We headed to lunch for a little graduation party at Mainstreet Grill.  Jonah was so happy to get a Star Wars card from Pap, Nana and Aunt Jen. When he opened it and money fell out, he gasped!  :-)

It was such a special day for my little guy who loved preschool.  He started the Toddler class at Jefferson Street in Natchez when he was just 14 months old.  Now, at almost five, preschool is behind him and Kindergarten is on the horizon. 

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