Monday, June 13, 2011

Jonah's first day of summer break

Jonah's last day of preschool was spent with us rather than his friends.  His school had "Water Day" and since he had ear issues, he could not participate.  So, we decided to do something fun as a family instead.  He was so sad about missing water day but I think we made it up to him.  We headed to Florida Mall in Orlando and did all sorts of fun things with him.  We started at a candy store and let him choose anything he wanted.  Ever heard the saying "Like a kid in a candy store?"  Yeah, that was him. 

One of Jonah's favorite parts of the day was matching his brother.  He LOVES wearing matching clothes.  I'm sure that won't last long but I'll go with it while it does. 

We even made a stop at the M&M store.  Who knew they could make so many things with M&M's?  Wow!
Dan was in need of some new shirts so while he tried them on, I sat in the waiting area and watched Jonah and Micah have fun together.  Other shoppers stopped to watch them.  They were that cute...and that loud!!!  Seriously, see for yourself.  Watch this video!!

Oh, and these hugs...they are real!  Jonah loves him so much!  It makes me so incredibly happy to see the love between those boys.  I never imagined it would be like this. 

When I got Jonah out of bed that morning, he said "Daddy said we could camp out in the living room one night and make a tent out of a sheet and I want that night to be this night!"  I told Dan what he said and he said "I meant in the future, not tonight.  I reminded him that there is no future for a four year old.  If you mention it to him, you must be prepared to do it then!"  So, throughout the day, he asked us several times, "Can we set up the tent when we get home?"  

This was my living room BEFORE.
This was DURING setup.

He had to tie the string to the fan.  It would have been quite unfortunate if we would have accidentally turned the fan on!
Here are two of the Glenn boys having dinner under the stars ceiling.

They stayed up VERY late watching movies and chatting.  I sneaked through there a couple of times and that little four year old was as giddy as I had ever seen him.  He thought this was the greatest thing EVER!
Notice the flashlight pointed at the top of the tent?
One benefit of camping is having your mom/wife there to bake cookies for you.  Nothing like a little triple chocolate chip and white macadamia nut cookies to end a wonderful night of camping sleeping on an air mattress in your living room. 

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Aja said...

I showed this to Dave and asked him if he would this with H&M and he said, "Yea, but Holder would never go to sleep." What a sweet night for your fam.


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