Monday, June 6, 2011

Good stuff

At the Y this morning, I listened to a sermon from Elevation Church while I was on the Elliptical.  Dr. Emerson Eggerichs made a point that I thought was so interesting.  He said if you are the mom of a little boy, you have all of these hopes and dreams for your little boy.  You pray for their future spouse and trust God that they will marry a Godly girl who treats them well.  What if that girl treated your precious little boy (who will be a grown man then) the exact way you treat your husband?  Would you be proud of her, mad at her, so happy he married her or saddened that he has to endure that relationship?

WOWZERS!  I only want the best for Jonah and Micah.  I want them to find girls who love Jesus and treat them like a prince.  I want them to be respected.  I want them to feel loved and admired. I want them to know they are appreciated.  I want them to be served by their wives.  (In the total Biblical way...I'm not talking about a non-healthy relationship!)  

If those are things I want for my son's relationships, aren't those the things I should be doing in my own marriage towards my husband??  I do think Dan & I have a strong, solid relationship.  I feel very blessed in our marriage and think that things are REALLY, REALLY good.  But, could I do more?  Absolutely!  I want to be the kind of wife that I want my boys to marry!  After all, the marriage relationship is ordained by God and the primary relationship I'm called to.  Even (eeks!) before parenting my boys.  

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Penny said...

Great thoughts! As the mother to all girls, I'll have to remember, and put into practice, this attitude for my grandsons. Who knows? Maybe they'll want to marry a girl like their Mimi. :) I have long told my husband that, odds are, our six girls with marry someone just like him~ good or bad. On our best days~ that'd be great, he really is a good husband! But there are times when we're grouchy and can be unkind toward each other (verbally). I really hope our daughters, who are still unmarried, will do better than we do when they get on each other's "nerds." (the way Leon says it) lol Seriously, I pray that each couple are always respectful to each other~ no matter what. Always using loving terms~ even when they disagree.


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