Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Back in September of 2009, I wrote a post on this blog called "I love..."

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That little town that I love, Vidalia, is in serious danger. On May 20, the Mighty Mississippi is supposed to crest at 65 feet. That is dangerous, dangerous territory. People we love are packing all of their belongings and moving them to other places. They are removing photos from their walls and taking them places that aren't supposed to flood. They are making plans to evacuate. They are planning for worst but hoping for the best.

People keep hearing about the MS river at Natchez being in danger. The "at Natchez" part means Vidalia. Natchez sits high on the bluff. Vidalia doesn't. Someone from here asked me today where Vidalia is in relation to Natchez. It is hard to explain but they really are like one place. But, to describe it in terms you DeLand folks would understand, think of it like this. Chili's is Vidalia. Wal-Mart is Natchez. The MS river is Woodland Blvd. Literally, all that separates those two places is the river. I used to live in Vidalia but work in Nachez. It took me only 6 minutes to get to work. They are that close. So, when you look at The Democrat or hear about Natchez on the news, know that my friends in Vidalia are scared, worried, hopeful and prayerful.

Unlike the tornadoes that recently hit the south, Vidalia has been blessed with foreknowledge of what is to come. They have time to prepare. They have time to make decisions. They have time to save the things they cherish most. But, they are scared. I'm scared for them. I'm praying that God will give wisdom to those making decisions. I'm praying that He will give peace to those who live there. I'm praying that He will let the waters of the Mighty Mississippi recede. Would you join us in praying too?

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Penny said...

Nicki, that is so sweet! I'm in tears just reading that. Larry and I were just saying, "We are blessed to have a warning." That's more than the tornado/tsunami victims had. We are just packing family heirlooms and pictures over the next few days and putting them in storage in Natchez. Other material things really don't matter much to me, but family is everything! I want my grandchildren (and great, etc.) to have my family Bible that's been in the family for over 100 years. As far as "things" go, those that are my only real concern. Clothes, furniture, houses, cars, etc... can all be replaced. Thank you so much for your prayers. We appreciate them. :)


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