Monday, May 30, 2011

Star Wars Weekend (Guest Post from Daddy!)

Sometime after school was out last year, Jonah fell in LOVE with Star Wars. Since that time, he has probably watched all six movies about 10 times each!! This is fine with me because I am a HUGE star wars fan myself. When I was a kid, my daycare watched the first (fourth) Star Wars movie EVERY day while we were waiting for our parents to come pick us up. Anyway, I found out that Disney's Hollywood Studios has a celebration of Star Wars every year called Star Wars Weekend. When Jonah fell in love with Star Wars last year, these weekends had already happened, so I vowed that we would definitely attend this year. So, I told Jonah all week that we had a big surprise on Friday. We took off to South Orlando on Thursday night to stay in a hotel so we could get up bright and early and be at Hollywood Studios when Star Wars Weekend began. Oh...I didn't tell Jonah what the big surprise was, so you can imagine his surprise when we walked up and there were stormtroopers on the entrance to the park!!!
The entire park was filled with all kinds of Star Wars characters, sets, and paraphernalia. Here's Jonah on a speeder from Return of the Jedi.
Our first character to see was Darth Vader. We went to the back of the park and found his line. The lady standing there said it wouldn't be that short all day long, so we took advantage of the short wait. Unfortunately, the photographer wasn't great...our pictures were blurry. (Don't worry, we went back later to get a better picture, but by then the wait was an hour rather than the 10 minute wait this time.)
This is Jonah waiting to meet Darth Maul. Let's just say he was INTIMIDATING!!! I was a little scared to let my little boy even get close to this villain!
We didn't stand in line for Jango Fett, but stopped to take a quick picture of him.
These pictures were pretty cool with Captain Rex and Ahsoka Tano because they look like they're in an action figure box. Isn't Jonah the cutest action hero you've ever seen?!?
Here's our second pic with Darth Vader. LOVE the similar pose. Don't they look menacing?!?
We stopped to watch the Jedi Training Academy. This is something that happens year-round at Hollywood Studios, but this was the first time we had stopped to watch it. Unfortunately, I told Jonah that he might get to participate (little did I know that people had started to sign up for this at 7:15 in the morning). He was more than a little disappointed that he wouldn't be able to be trained as a Jedi. We'll DEFINITELY be returning for this!
Even though it was Star Wars Weekend, we decided to stop and do a few things "non-Star Wars." Hey...we WERE at Disney!!!
Is that not the best looking Darth Vader you've ever seen?!?
It was a great day and one that I'll not soon forget! I'm thankful for being able to spend a special day with a special boy!!

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