Saturday, May 7, 2011

A special day together

I'm a baby hog! I openly and freely admit that. I'm totally smitten with the newborn and infant stages. I adore the sweetness and newness of those little lives. Because of that obsession, (and Dan's opposite feelings about newborns) it seems that we tend to gravitate to the same child around feeding time/bedtime/special outings/etc. While Dan loves his little Micah, he prefers time with Jonah. He loves the interaction that comes from a child that can talk back to you. It isn't because it's Jonah. He was the same way when Jonah was a baby. He asked me (what seemed like 10,000 times) "When is he going to be old enough to talk/play/wrestle?" Now that he finally is, Dan has a blast with Jonah. He says he feels "functional" with Micah. He can totally take care of him but doesn't always 'connect' with him. So, he gravitates to Jonah.

Because of this, when Dan is home, Jonah is right under him. They work together, play together, laugh together and do everything together. Jonah always requests him for the bedtime routine. Part of this is due to him being with me during the day and not Dan.

All week, I've been thinking of what we could do fun as a family yesterday. I decided a day at Disney would be fun but Dan came home from work Thursday feeling rotten. So, I chunked our plans. Then, I rethought it and decided to take just Jonah. Dan felt well enough to keep Micah home (since he sleeps a good part of the day) so I surprised Jonah at school by picking him up 1.5 hours early. When he walked over to me, I whispered in his ear "I'm here early to take you to Disney World for the day!" He was thrilled. He jumped up and down out of excitement.

My camera is still at the Canon repair place so all the pictures I have from the day come from my phone.

The forecast predicted rain so we stopped at Target to get ponchos. That was one of the reasons I wanted to go yesterday. When it begins to rain at all, most tourist head for their hotels. The locals know a couple of things. First, it doesn't usually rain long. Second, when it rains, the park empties and you can ride most everything with no wait.

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot of Target, Jonah said "Can we get pizza here from Pizza Hut?" He knows the deli sells PH Pizza so he quickly decided he wanted that for lunch. We stopped for a quick (and much cheaper than eating at Disney) lunch the set off to find our ponchos. We didn't need them though, because it never rained.
We always let Jonah choose if he wants to ride the Monorail over to the Magic Kingdom or the Ferry. Yesterday, he chose the Ferry. He spent the entire ride over singing "Skinamarinkydinkadink" to me. I happened to catch him in the midst of the motions. The older couple next to us could not stop grinning as he sang to me. (I couldn't either!)
We walked in the gates of the MK and Jonah immediately grabbed a map to scope out what he wanted to do first. The kid loves his maps. He SO takes after Dan's mom's side of the family where maps are concerned.
Jonah discovered the misters and fell in love. He thought those things were great. He could have played there all day!

We rode, rode, rode and then rode some more. If he wanted to ride it, we did. We didn't stop for any parades or characters. It was all about the rides.

We stopped for a potty break and Jonah spotted a strange looking contraption on the wall. He said "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT THING?"
It was a pay phone! A PAY PHONE! My sweet 4 year old did not know what it was. It is hard to believe that something that was such a part of OUR life is a relic to him. Wow!

We rode the train from Frontierland back to the front gate and looked out to see a practically empty entrance. I've never seen that before. It was nice being there on such a low crowd day.

We rode the Monorail back to the TTC and Jonah took advantage of the emptiness to rest a little. This was his first ever trip to Disney that he didn't ride in the stroller. He could have gone without it but we always push it because it is so easy to keep up with him and for us to manipulate the crowds with him in the stroller. But, with the expected rain, I wanted to be able to dash in and out of places without worrying about the stroller.
I was so proud of how he kept up with me and never complained about being tired. It was just more proof of how much he has grown. He doesn't even resemble the baby boy that I used to hold so tightly. He's such a big boy who makes life so much fun. Especially on days like yesterday!

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