Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Skinamarinkadinkadink, Skinamarinkiadinkadoo, I LOVE YOU!

Jonah has a new obsession with the song Skinamarinkadinkadink.  He sings it all the time to me and Micah.  It is beyond precious.  Micah just giggles when he sings it to him.  My heart melts when he sings it to me.  I should get a video of that soon.  It might just melt your heart too!


Denise Darnell Davis said...

I sing that to Anna...and Daniel cringes b/c he says it stays stuck in his head for days! HA! Anna loves it too!

Penny said...

With all of Jonah's tutoring, I wouldn't be surprised if Micah ends up in the Mensa Club before pre-school! :) (I probably misspelled Mensa.) lol


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