Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A serious talk

We just took Jonah to register for Kindergarten next year. Unfortunately, I hyped up going but neglected to tell him we were just going to fill out some paperwork. He was totally unimpressed. After a little while, he started whining and being disrespectful. This was while a 2nd grade teacher and the principal were talking to us about "how sweet Jonah is." At one point, while Dan was talking to them, I took Jonah's arm, pulled him very close to me and in a low voice with very wide eyes, I said "Jonah, if I have to tell you quit whining or quit interrupting one more time, you are taking a nap when you get home. Do you understand me?" His eyes got VERY wide and as matter of fact as he could be, he said "Mommy, I DO understand you but I think you forgot to wash your face today because there is sleep in your eye and it looks yucky!"

AAUGH...when he did he learn to voice his thoughts and when am I going to learn NOT to laugh?


Barb said...

That is hilarious!

Baylee's Mommy said...

Oh I laughed out loud on that one! They are histerical!

jenny winstead said...

UNbelievable!!!!!!!! he just one upped you.


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