Friday, May 27, 2011

Rolling his eyes

I got home from class last night and Dan grabbed the video camera and said "you've got to see this!"  Apparently, Jonah "thinks" he has learned to roll his eyes and cross his eyes.  While we do have video, I think you will quickly find that it is not proof of this new found ability.  He sure is convinced he is good at those two things. 


Baylee's Mommy said...

HILARIOUS!!!! He talks so grown up!! When did that happen? lol

Penny said...

He is a TRIP! :) I love this! Best video of Jonah ever! Keep letting him think he's doing it correctly and you'll never have to look at him really rolling his eyes. Well.... guess it won't help much, because you'll still know what he's trying to do. At least it's funnier this way! ;) Hilarious!

Aja said...

"Roll your eyes again. Roll your eyes again."
"That's what I'm doing!"


Malinda said...

This is my favorite post of ALL TIME! Hilarious! Sweet, sweet Jonah.

Papaw said...

LOL, that takes talent !!! Crosses and rolls his eyes at the same time , plus can run at warp speed !!! y'all need to put the cape on him when he does all that at one time =)


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