Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The pool is open!

You are about to see a lot of pictures of two little boys DRESSED for the pool but not IN the pool.  Unfortunately, mommy dressed them while Daddy was still vacuuming the pool therefore something had to occupy their time while he finished.  So, out came the camera.

Micah's first swimsuit to ever wear is the exact same one Jonah wore.  Tammy gave this to Jonah for his first Easter (I think?) and he wore it for the first time on our trip to Disney later that month.  You can see pictures of Jonah wearing it HERE.

Micah could hardly sit still when Max came into view.  He loves that little dog so much.

When Dan got closer to being done, we moved outside for a few photos.  It was hard to capture Micah's attention because he was SO into all that was going on around him. 

After lots of pictures, it was finally time to get in the pool.  Micah's first dip was with his daddy and he loved every minute of it.  The kid loves bath time so I knew the pool would be a big hit with him. 

After a while, we put him in his little baby float.  He leaned back and just relaxed as he floated around the pool.  It seems he will have no problem relaxing poolside this summer. 

And, Jonah took the the pool like he hadn't missed a beat since last summer.  He wore a temporary plug until his permanent plug comes in later this week. 

Max did his typical 'run around the pool and bark every time there is a splash' routine.  DRIVES. ME. CRAZY!  I envision lots of crate time inside the house this summer while we are out there.  I think he thinks someone is in distress every time they go under water, squeal or splashes water. 

Micah had lots of fun but eventually just wore out.  I could tell he was fighting to keep his eyes open.  Poor fella.  So, I took him inside and put him down for a nap.  Then I joined the boys outside again.  It was a "fun family day" according to Jonah. 

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