Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kindergarten Orientation

***sorry for the low quality of pictures.  My Point and Shoot camera is still at the Canon Repair Facility so I had to use my phone.***

My oh my!  (Dan and I are debating whether or not a comma is needed in that sentence.  Is it my, oh my or just my oh my?  Anyway...)  My oh my...that little boy is almost five years old and is starting Kindergarten in just 3 months.  Look how big he looks walking towards the cafeteria...on his own!!!  He didn't want to hold my hand.  He wanted to walk ahead of me so I could take his picture.  

He was just thrilled when we walked in and spotted friends from preschool.  Several of his best buddies will all be attending the same school as Jonah.  We won't know until August who he gets as a teacher but he will surely end up with at least one friend in his class.  At least we hope so.

Micah joined us for the orientation but I wish we would have gotten a sitter.  It was hard to focus on what was being said with a 6 month old in our laps.  Jonah spent time in the classroom while we spent time with the principal and other staff.  Micah was very sweet but regardless of how sweet a baby is, they are still distracting.  Times like this really make me miss having grandparents that we can drop kids by for short periods of time when we need to focus on just one kid. 

When Jonah got back, he was so happy to show us what he made while in class.  He then told us they paired him up with a buddy (a current kindergarten student) who told him to make his J backwards.  He was very bothered by this. 
He was most excited to see his beloved Ms. Nancy walk through the doors.  She is the preschool director at his school and was his lead teacher last year.  He adores her.  I guess it is a good thing since her granddaughter is his girlfriend. 
It was a great day with lots of information.  They gave us the school calendar for next year.  I was so sad to see school start mid-August but not end until June 8.  That is a long time.  I am going to miss the freedom we have of going and doing fun things without worrying about attendance at school.  That will be a big adjustment for us.  

We are so excited about the school he will attend.  We met the principal and really liked her.  We met several teachers.  I've already been asked to join the PTA and work on some projects over the summer.  (I'm such a geek...that sounds so fun to me!)  It is a large school but has such a small school feeling.  I'm preparing myself for the emotions that come with this transition.  I may need therapy!

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