Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ear Update

We found out last week that the hole in Jonah's ear drum has not closed completely.  I'll admit, I was pretty bummed.  I was convinced God had heard all of our prayers and closed that hole.  But, in reality, God did hear our prayers but chose not to close the hole completely at this time.  I was so worried about Jonah's reaction.  When he walked in the door from the appointment, I asked him (although I already knew the answer) if the hole was closed.  He said "No, it is not closed but God said he would close it in THREE days!"  I looked at Dan and he shrugged.  He had no idea where that answer came from.  I did.  I knew that since Easter, Jonah has referenced "three" many times.  I think he is confusing the Resurrection with everything to come because it all happens "three days later!"

Unfortunately, three days came and went and the hole is still there.  The doctor gave us her opinion and told us what she would do if Jonah was her child.  In order to not lose his entire summer of water activities, we are having custom ear plugs made.  While they are super expensive, we feel it is worth the cost in order to allow him to fully participate in the summer events on our calendar.  (beach, pool, splash pad, etc)

We went last Wednesday to have the impressions made.  He handled it like a champ.  I was so proud of him.  He was nervous but who wouldn't be with someone shoving something in your ear then squeezing gooey impression material in there.  He had to sit for 15-20 minutes after that but did so well.

Micah thoroughly enjoyed his time at the ENT.  He giggled.  He snorted.  He squealed.  He laughed.  He gasped.  The doctor asked me if he ever quit grinning. 

The impressions have been mailed to a lab and we are waiting on the plugs to be delivered back to our ENT's office.  Hopefully, they will be back to us SOON because we have a beach STAYcation coming up next week.  We have TWO weeks at a condo in New Smyrna Beach!  Dan will still go to work since it is so close to the beach.  But, the boys and I will have quite a few days of frolicking on the beach with (hopefully) no worries about yucky ears!

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{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Jeremy had the same problem as a kid. He has several surgeries to patch the hole in his ear drum but none of the grafts took. If it helps to know of a 27 yr old with the same problem, he keeps cotton in his ears an watches how much water gets in. Sleeping with a fan even causes ear aches. We hope to get a specialists to fix what a doctor screwed up with tubes when he was little.


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